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    Just got a refurbished Treo 600 from Sprint's insurance company. (mine got water soaked when a colloegue in a meeting knocked over a big glass of water while my Treo was on the table in front of me).

    When I activated it, I ended up with a dial pad from PhoneGolf, posted by LAGuppie last year. And I want to revet to the standard dial pad!
    - no offense, LAGuppie!

    I've tried Applications / Delete - but see nothing with Phone or golf or Skin in it (except the 700k phone.prc)!

    Can anyone tell me what to do to clean this graphic off? Thanks.
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    You will need to get Filez ( ) and look for one of these files:
    PhoneGolf5_SPCS.PRC (158.3 KB, 1101 views)

    PhoneLAL8_SPCS.PRC (158.2 KB, 265 views)

    PhoneChanukah_TK.PRC (158.2 KB, 205 views)

    PhoneBMW_SPCS.PRC (158.3 KB, 406 views)

    PhoneLAL6_SPCS.PRC (158.2 KB, 253 views)
    and then delete it.
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    Got it off. Your suggestion worked perfectly.

    Appreciate the post.
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    Glad to help. It is strange that Sprint didn't do a hard reset on the device before they sent it to you. That would have changed everything back to factory defaults. You might want to use Filez to check for any more unwanted files. In the files listing anything without the chip symbol next to it is in RAM. Be sure to check the box at the upper right marked "ROM".
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    Bad bad of Sprint to do that. Kinda like getting to your hotel room and finding something in a drawer...

    I have a link to a phone "skin" changer called Skinner on my links site, but I've gone back to the standard dialpad because I'm cheap. No this is not a promo! You can check it out if you ever want to experiment.


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