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    I thought it would be interesting to know how much memory users' programs took up. My three largest are:

    AvantGo: 1437k
    Mapopolis: 644k
    AportisDoc(docs included): 322k
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    AportisDoc (& Docs): 2176K
    AvantGo: 519K
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    5154K Noah (14K app + 5141 Wordnet Full dictionary) - on the flash SB.
    5071K AportisDoc (& Docs)
    910K Avantgo
    747K Epocrates (7+11+432+1+1+135+148+12) this is a database of prescription drugs

    I only have 651K internal left Of course, my first Palm only had 1M total

    I want more flash SB compatible apps - I have over 2M free there.
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    Noah (med)- 2022k on FlashROM
    Mapopolis - 1171k
    AvantGo - 1135k
    Vindigo - 493k
    ViewerIII - 430k
    Mail - 383k
    AportisDoc - 317k
    Act Names - 294k
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    Mapopolis 5097K
    (Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties)

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