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    Dear all,

    Recently, I started getting hangs (white screens) whenever I clicked GoTo when an SMS comes in. I noticed it is usually when I am in the middle of an app, any app.

    I tried a workaround and instead I clicked on OK whenever an SMS comes in. When I press either SMS button or Home button, it will also hang there with a white screen. I noticed it is usually when I am in the middle of an app.

    I checked with P1 knowledge database and there is this prob with earlier version. But my firmware is already 1.12 ROW and Hardware B. It is already the lateset. I tried the updater but it says it won't update coz mine is already updated.

    Then I tried hard resetting everything and installing eveything back. But it still didn't work.

    My Treo is ressetting like don't how many times per day. Can someone plz help me out on this? It is driving my nuts...plz...

    Thank you and god bless...
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    I'm getting the same problem! I've had my treo for 4 days and its been OK till today. I've no idea what's going on but if someone’s got any idea I'd be as grateful as Lure_Angler..

    Best I can come up with is that it happened after I created a new account in Agendus Mail, but I'm SURE that's only a coincidence.. although I've deleted it now to see what happens..

    If I can't get this sorted out I'm going to have to go back to my Nokia and clie..
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    I've just posted this over at (and in a reply to another post).. I'm having the same problem, so this might help you? Don't know if it solves it as it's been too soon..



    Using filez I found some files that were called this :

    SMS Msg Database
    SMS Messages
    SMS Quicktext
    SMS quicklist
    SMS Special Address

    Looked in the SMS Msg Database file and I could see all the messages that I could see through the SMS app - 1 message in the inbox and 15 in the sent.

    Looked in SMS Messages and there were the 6 messages that had gone missing, including one that had been copied from my Sim card when I first turned the phone on.

    (I couldn't see the missing messages in the SMS App).

    I've deleted all the records out of SMS Messages (the ones I couldn't see) and then deleted the file (after backing it up by beaming it to my Clie).

    I did a soft reset just for the hell of it, thought it might be a good idea.

    The SMS Messages file has been created but is empty. Got the misses to send me a text and it's come through OK.. guess I'll just have to see what happens..
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    If you go to the phone app and enter "##377" then dial, it will tell you what caused the most recent crash. (377 spells ERR for error). If you get the same app in a crash report several crashes in a row, you can bet it's a conflict with that app. Try removing that one and see if the SMS app works again.

    Sorry if you've already tried this.
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    This didn't work.. although I've just found out that since I have a GSM phone I need to use #* not ##..

    Got an error message but it's from 2 days ago.. maybe nothing is stored as the treo doesn't actually crash it just hangs and then I have to reset..
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    I tried all that but it all didn't work.

    Guess what, now my digitizer failed me...sigh...why...

    The whole thing now is useless. A hard reset does nothing...

    I'll have to do a 1to1 exchange then...
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    I'm beginning to wonder if buying a treo 600 was worth it with all the problems I keep reading about..

    Mind you, you only ever here the bad stuff, no-one ever tells you about all the good stuff..
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    My treo did give me a whole 2 mths of problem free service...

    Just that I don't know why probs start coming out only recently...

    Hey, who knows, maybe the blur salesman over the counter will exchange a 650 for me instead....
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    ok, found a way around it.

    Hotsync your Treo...

    Go to My Computer -> Drice C -> Palm -> file with your Hotsync username -> Change the file 'Backup' to 'Backup2'

    Hard reset your Treo.

    Hotsync your Treo again...

    What happens here is all your Treo's 3rd party app will be wiped out EXCEPT your vital info in ToDo, Datbook, MEmo, COntacts and blah blah...

    Then you can slowly go about reinstalling back all the apps one by one.

    My problem was I played around with TOO MANY 3rd party app and didn't delete it properly, causing the SMS app to crash often...

    My Treo went about its tasks faster too. Suddenly, there is no lag when I type and listen to MP3s...


    NOTE: SMS msg is also wiped out....

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