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    I'm sure this has been posted before but I sure as heck can't find it...

    I just installed the trail version of Verichat and I'm trying to figure out how this thing works. I tell it to use SMS and to use the always connected. My phone seems like it connects ALL the time. Like every few minutes I see it connecting to Verichat. So I shut off the always connected part and when my screen turns off it will no longer alert me to new messages...

    I can't have the app turning on my radio all the time because this blocks my phone from receiving a call. Is there any way to have it so you can be online/web/IM and still recieve phone calls??? I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but figured I would ask.... I know GSMs do this.
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    I dunno exactly what your issue is or what may be causing it, but here is how "always on" via SMS works.

    I use the always on feature via SMS, and I always appear online. When someone sends me an IM verichat relays that via SMS. If I get into a heavy IM session back and forth then my data connection will be active. While sitting there idle (but appearing online to others) my data connection is not being used and I can get phone calls just fine. If you data connection is contantly styaing active you may want to make sure you only have the SMS option checked and not the data connection (or whatever it is called) option checked.
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    Well thats how I thought it would work...

    I have the settings in ALWAYS-ON PREFERENCES set to this:
    Always-On Mode ENABLED
    Check Mark in USE SMS

    All other boxes are unchecked.

    Right now I watched my radio turn off... and now the green arrows are back on again which means my radio is active. It only does this when I have verichat running and the connection last mabye 1 minute or so. It would be killer if the CDMA phones would allow two connections at the same time. My friend has a GSM Blackberry and he talks on his BT headset and messages people on AIM at the same time. I'm just worried that it will have my radio on for some reason and I'll miss a call. I guess I'll run it for a few days and see if anyone complains.
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    Just guessing, but I think Verichat is also more active when you are actually in the application because of buddy list updates. When you exit the app, it doesn't need to do this as much. Mine isn't active at all when I exit & run in the background.
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    ust guessing, but I think Verichat is also more active when you are actually in the application because of buddy list updates.
    Been watching it and I think that is the issue. When your in verichat it connects more often then when your not. One weird thing I noticed... I have SMS turned on, but when I message myself from my PC to my AIM name it pops it up in Verichat and not my SMS Handler. I've only seen it send the message to SMS ONCE since I've been playing with it. I even tried to send myself a test about an hour or longer after using Verichat and it still went directly to the verichat software.

    I'm waiting for the $100 off software to be fixed so that I can order verichat.
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    I often get calls when I am in Verichat. While I can't talk and Verichat simultaneously, I find that most of the time even when I'm in Verichat I don't miss calls. I have the CDMA version on the Sprint Network.
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    Cory and Kabish are right - Verichat is very active on the data connection when the app is up; it's mostly inactive when it's not up. But the occasional call still goes direct to VM, but a small percentage of the time.

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