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    I'm thinking about dumping Sprint for Cingular and was wondering what application corperate email users are using to get their email from exhange servers? I'm using sprint business connection and think the push email works pretty darn good. Is there a comparable alternative if I switch?
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    I use the brute force method. I have a redirect rule in my Exchange inbox at work to redirect all my mail to my personal POP account, and use ChatterEmail to "push" the mail to my Treo. Works GREAT!!!! Won't work for synching calendars or contact.

    Cingular has this thing called Xpressmail that may work for you.

    It depends on how your IT departments does things...
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    i've heard others name-drop "enterprise" on more than a few occasions. could this be what they were referring to?
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    Ditched the blackberry + v600 phone and picked up a Treo 650 + chatter.
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    If your corporate Exchange system is set to prevent you from redirecting your mail, as mine does, is this any software that can run on your workstation that will take the received Outlook Messages and send them back through the Exchaneg system to another address, thus bypassing the "block redirected messages" setting in Exchange? If I leave my workstation running all of the time this would be one way for me to get my work email on my Palm. Just have not been able to find the software to run on my workstation to the forwarding.
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    If you are using Cingular, XpressMail does this.
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    The way we access corp. email from the T650 (and many T600's) is via IMAP directly to the Chatter application on the T6xx. This should work on most email servers (Communigate, Exchange, Scalix, etc.) and there should be no need to forward messages, etc. In most cases, it's a simple matter of loading an IMAP module (if not done already) and granting access to the user. For the security minded, SSL is supported by Chatter and most email servers as well. Also, most servers support the IDLE command which allows for push email directly from the email server to the T6xx. The big benefits to this setup are: 1)a unified view from all clients of a single mailbox, 2)mailbox resides on the server instead of the client, and 3)access to mail is real-time.

    This setup has been working great for a while now and provides a great email solution. Please note that at this time, this solution only deals with email and does not provide calendaring, scheduling, tasks, etc. although the developer(s) are looking into supporting these in the future.
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    Cingular's Xpressmail and Sprint's Business Connection are built on the same software from Seven. So, by switching you won't lose anything because they are the same.

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    What does Xpressmail provide above just using Chatter directly to the server with SSL? On company I work with uses Exchange and another uses Communigate and using Chatter / IMAP works great with both. As many corporations looking at ways to get out of the MS lockin, they are exploring Linux alternatives and a generic IMAP solution will avoid the proprietary lock-in. BTW - Exchange has an IMAP connector and can provide standard-based access as well.
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    Doesn't exchange server provide more than just email, like remote contacts & remote calendars. I think that is the benfit that xpressmail has over regular imap clients.
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    Doesn't Exchange provide a standards-based remote calendar function? Most server products provide remote calendar support via publish/subscribe. Firefox,iCal, etc. all support this model. Also, I assume you mean access to the corporate directory when you're mentioning remote contacts? If so, this can be accessed via LDAP on most clients. What we really need is a more complete "Chatter" than interfaces with remote calendars (via webdav publish/subscribe) and LDAP i/f for accessing corporate directories. If we could do all of this, it would mostly elimiate the need for both middleware (Xpressmail, Goodlink,...) and proprietary mail systems in general.
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    The only thing that sucks about Xpress Mail is that it doesn't sync with your palm calendar -- it maintains a separate database...

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