An unfortunate over taxing of my T650 required a hard reset and re-install. The good news is I found the new version of Mapoplis. Previously when installing Mapopolis, T650 user had to install and wait for techsupport to email the overlay .prc file to get the graphics to work properly.

Well MAPOPOLIS VERSION 2.3 is out for Palm OS 5. I installed version 2.3 and the map directly to my SD card and left MapopolisWords on my Palm. Bless God, it worked! There is even limited 5-way nav button support with some lookup functions. Zoom with the Phone and Datebook Button. More or Less detial with the email and power button.

If you haven't already done so, check out the 3D Navigational tool by selecting SETTINGS from the menu and NAVIGATION from the drop list. Check "Enable 3D navigation view" and you're all set.