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    KeySuite looks pretty cool. Nice integration of a "today" screen it looks like. Anyone using it and how does it work with the Tre650 and how well does it Sync?

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    I got the trial version for my AT&T GSM 650 and I like it. I'm considering buying it.

    I have a problem with the built-in apps synchronizing with my Outlook. I am getting OLE errors. I tried KeySuite and everything worked fine the first time - Contacts, Dates, Tasks and Notes. It works very well on the 650.

    I have since talked to PalmOne support and though they couldn't fix my problem with the apps that came with the phone, they walked me through extracting PocketMirror from a Treo 600 file. I now have PocketMirror (also from Chapura) running and it also doesn't have any problems with my Outlook. I definitely like the appearance of KeySuite better but I haven't convinced myself I need to spend $70 on it now that I can sync with PocketMirror. I don't really use the extra categories and folder features that KeySuite offers. I just like the colors and the setups for contacts and calendar better.

    If you find KeySuite on sale let me know. I'd probably get it if is cost on the order of $30-$40.
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    My problems exactly. My calender won't sync anymore and Palm One's troubleshooting for OLERR errors is...Chapura...which sucks because it was working fine.

    For me however, KeySuite addresses some of the needs that I thought were lacking in the builtin apps anyway, so I might plunk down the $70, heck I just plunked down $50 for SnapperMail and that was WELL worth it.

    Was PocketMirror on your 650 CD, or do you have an old 600 cd lying around?

    I only have the 650 stuff since I am coming over from PPC land...

    thanks for the response, I am glad that you were able to get the syncing working again which is my main concern.

    You didn't by chance demo Agendus Standard 9.02, did you? My syncing issues occured right after I installed that program and it did 2 resets on me...
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    I am brand new to the Palm world. I debated a while whether to get a Windows Mobile phone, but in the end the Treo had the best form factor for my needs. I'm glad I went this way. I really like the phone.

    I was never able to sync with Outlook, not even the first time I tried to set things up on my Windows 2000 laptop with a brand new Treo 650. I always got 3 or 4 OLERR errors for each action (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Memos). I went through hard resets and completely removing and reinstalling all the desktop software with a level 2 guy from palmOne. I had not installed any software other than what came with the phone when I started. I've never even dowloaded Agendus.

    In the end, he showed me how to download the apps for the Treo 600 from the PalmOne web site. I don't remeber the steps, but I had to start the installation of the Treo 600 app so a palmone directory was built under Program Files. I then cancelled out of any synching to a T600. I had to rename the directory and change some registry entries. One of the files left behind was the installation software for PockeMirror (but it was just called setup.exe, I believe) that comes with the Treo 600. I was doing all this pretty quickly with the level 2 guy so I don't know exaclty what I did anymore. I also deleted the palone directory created by the T600 install to make room for the T650 installation. I should have just renamed it, but its too late now!

    Anyhow, PocketMirror has most of the functions in KeySuite, but KeySuite looks just a little nicer. I haven't missed any functionality yet but then again I'm not an Outlook power user. PocketMirror has a Today screen (agenda view they call it) but it is just a white background. The contact information is on more than one line where in KeyContacts you can have a single line for each contact and the display has more color.

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