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    i'm fairly new to these so this may be a dumb question. why would you have to attach your Treo to your PC and Sync it? we use Outlook e-mail. if a new e-mail user is added is it necessary to sync to get that info? what other reasons?
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    Hotsynch has two basic benefits that I see:

    1. Keeps information you use on your phone and computer current with each other
    2. Provides a backup of your Treo data
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    The Treo 600 and lower have volitile memory so if your battery dies so dies all your data (been there, done that, got the t-shirt). Also it's a hellofa lot easier to enter appointments or stuff like that using Outlook for Palm Desktop vs entering with the Treo. But having a safe backup of all my data on my computer is a very nice thought.
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    thanks. this is what i needed to know. do contacts get updated from Outlook to the Treo wirelessly or only when sync'd? anything else?
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    Cause if I lost my Quicken and everything else I would cry!

    Not to mention new info...beamed pictures....etc....

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