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  • Slip case that came with the Treo

    1 3.45%
  • "skin" case that protects the body, but leaves functional areas open

    8 27.59%
  • Belt-clip case

    14 48.28%
  • Other? (please state below)

    6 20.69%
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    What type of case do you use to protect your Treo? How does it work for you? I just got mine and I'm using the slip-case that came with it, but I'd like something which makes it more accessible, and well protected at the same time. I don't object to a belt-clip, but I've never used one... so if you have, please post any gotchas you've encountered (anything the belt-clip interferes with, etc.).
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    I use a belt clip pouch from Belkin that I bought for my Treo 300. Fits just right with my egrips.
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    I use the P1 form fit case with belt clip, but i've also ordered the Vaja. The belt clip works fine, just depends on placement. Access, slipping on and off, has never been an issue.

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    A boxwave screen protector and my pocket. We don't need to steenkin' cases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    A boxwave screen protector and my pocket. We don't need to steenkin' cases.
    I hear that. I have a case but it hides the beauty of the precious.

    And the precious wants to be seen.
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    I use the leather belt clip case, but I lost the belt clip months ago. It's good protection and fits ok in my jeans pocket (even with the black thing protruding from the back - still used for riding in my car). When I had the clip, it was kind of bulky on my hip and popped off if I sat down too hard. Leather protects the sides and back, the front has clear plastic all the way down, and the back has a hinge to lower for picture-taking. Mucho gusto...
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    I voted "other". I use an InnoPocket case for Treo 600. It comes with a
    (reportedly somewhat unreliable) belt-clip that I never used. (I usually
    keep it in a shirt or pants pocket.) It does a great job protecting the
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    Boxwave and eGrips only. Precious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdfairchild
    Boxwave and eGrips only. Precious!
    Ditto. I used to use cases, but it just made my treo look so ordinary. In fact, when I finally ditched my case, people kept asking if I got a new phone and wanted to see it. I'm about to try cleaning my boxwave protectors for the first time...
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    after trying 6 different cases it boils down to naked w a screen protector being the best.
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    I protect my T650 three ways:

    1. PalmOne leather belt clip case
    2. TreoCentral screen protectors
    3. Taurus PT99AF
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    no protection whatsoever.
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    Krusell S-Wide belt case.

    I wear it Horizontally and I love it!
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    Sena Flip Case for T650. No need for screen protector (hate them anyway) w/ flap. Fantastic, high quality, sporty looking case. (black/red) I can throw it in my purse or clip it on my belt.
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    I've tried the palmone pouch case, the sena flip case, the boxwave silicone case, and egrips....and I ordered the form fit case from ebay, but haven't tried it yet...I usually carry the treo in my purse, so I just use a screen protector and put the treo in a side pouch of the purse, so nothing can damage it. I do like egrips, though...guess it's not totally "naked"

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