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    I have had 5 Treo 600s. 2 sent from At&T and 3 sent from Palm and all of them have had the following problems:
    1. Buzzing sound during call.
    2. Continued dropped call imediately after pushing the send button
    3. Occasional not being able to hear anything after dialing
    4. Which has happened to 2 of the phones was orange bleeding in the touch window.

    My conclusion is that this model is very poorly designed. Palm is sending me the 6th phone claiming that all bugs are gone and using an excuse that they were sending me reconditioned phones in the past and now they are sending me a new phone.

    Anyone else had issues like these? Thanks, Steve
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    oh yes many have had similiar issues. Me, I'm on Treo #9 (or 10!) due to Spkr. phone echo (about 6 or 7 replacements), white spots on screen (2), flickering backlights (1). The last 2 or 3 were new, not current T600 has worked flawlessy for 2 months+ now.....

    It was the terrible echo on the receivers end during speaker phone use that drove me to demand most of the replacements until I just about gave up, then had the white spot on screen issue arise.
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    Glad to see you have one working now. I get mine in 2 days. They told me they would refund my money if this last one didn't work.

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    Amazing that some people have continuing problems and others go endlessly without a problem.
    It always makes me wonder if there is some unknown environmental issue.
    Like common third party programs or maybe cases with magnets, or work around high voltages or magnetic fields like high horsepower electric motors. Or just something that would be a common thread.


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    I'm still on my original Sprint Treo 600 from Oct '04. Avoided the last firmware update in Jun '03 due to problems posted on this site.
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    I had the orange bleeding problem...on Treo #3....but that is the only problem. Of course I am far from a power user and maybe a little paranoid of 3rd party programs
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    I am using my original Handspring unlocked GSM 600. Never had a lick of trouble.
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    I'm using an unbranded treo600. The only problem has been the "s" key. It needs extra pressure to the other keys (after the "click")
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee
    I am using my original Handspring unlocked GSM 600. Never had a lick of trouble.
    Do you use the speaker phone? If so, does the other person tell you to shut it off because of the annoying echo?
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    Dont let them give you a recondition model. They are all junk. Ive been thru 3 of them. Finally got the Sprint Mgr to give me a new one.
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    yes, major problems with mine. See below. Sorry if you have already seen my post. I just don't know where else to turn.

    Verizon treo 600 No Service??? 5 bars


    I am in NY. Since about 1 month, I have been having problems with my Treo 600. On sporadic occasions all of a sudden after trying to make a call the call drops and I get a message in the top left.."No Service". This is while I have a strong signal, 5 bars. It happens at various places and is not a service issue since I can use another verizon phone in the same place at the same time, (I tested it).
    During these episodes the green arrow on the top left turns red. When calls are made to my phone they sometimes go right to voicemail at other times I can see the call coming in but cannot answer it, the buttons on the screen do not work. I try to make calls and they may or may not ring, if it rings, it will be for one ring then a click then the No Service message. This happens for a good 5 minutes before I have to turn it off and on again after 10 minutes and cross my fingers.
    Verizon has replaced me twice with a refurbished phone that did the same thing twice. I'm suspecting that others are sending in phones with similar problems and verizon simply sends them back out without any refurb at all.

    Guys....I am not crazy. I know what I am seeing. Verizon swears that they have never heard of this. So tell me, have I been sent one of your phones that one of you turned in?
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    I have had some experience with the dropped call situation that you describe. However, I think that this problem has only arisen when the phone wireless function has just been turned on. Now, this likely has no basis in science ( after all, I am an art school graduate ), but it seems to me that my phone functions better if I let it " warm up "m for a bit. Am I imagining this?

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