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    love the 650, only had for a day now. I noticed something odd though. I turn on the phone, then shut everything else off...pda, screen, etc. I had the 650 sitting by me, and for some reason, every 15-20 minutes, the screen and keypad light up, even though no call coming in. Has anyone else had this happen? Can anyone explain what is causing this? This will probably severely reduce the overall standby time of the unit, if this keeps happening 2-3 times every hour......
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    depending on the carrier and network that you're on, it could be the treo receiving over-the-air updates. give it another day and if the problems persist, then go exchange the unit out.
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    It happens to me all the time too. I can't figure out what seems to make it light up.
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    The phone "wakes-up" if it goes in and out of roaming mode. A common, but annoying, occurence.
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    My favorite is when the phone is sitting next to my bed at night and all of a sudden it just lights up....always fun!
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    It might be happening if you have some automated email checker running in the background. Mine does that when it syncs up when the email systems tells it to. Could also be some other network app, like something that gets weather or news on an automated schedule.


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