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    Recently on my Treo 650 I've been getting crashes that result in corruption of preferences. Specifically, after these crashes -- while I can't say that I am LOSING data -- I am getting corruption of some files that govern preferences:

    • Zlauncher doesn't startup as my Launcher

    • Zlauncher doesn't remember that it's registered, nor what it's customized preferences are.

    • DateBK5 doesn't remember that it's registered, nor what it's customized preferences are.

    • The Phone doesn't automatically turn on.

    I find that I have to reload from backup several times a day.


    These crash/corruptions occur:

    • Following HotSyncs (including the crash that comes after it), or during the Calendar part of the sync, which hangs... leading to the need to kill the HotSync (including the crash that comes after it.)

    • Turning on/off BlueTooth. BlueFang, which can turn on Bluetooth when moving between application seems to exacerbate this, and will occasionally hang, leading to crash/corruption.


    I found that one corruption had to do with connecting to the data network. None of my data network applications would work. Trying to change these from Blazer, SnapperMail or VersaChat caused crash/corruption. I restored all the Connection and Networking databases from an old BackupBuddy backup, and I could connect again.

    • Could it be DeletePIMs, which is a startup app that deletes the legacy DatebookDB and MemoDB?

    • Could it be some other startup app? I've removed BlueFang, Butler, and BTmute.

    • Could it be the Local Network Time bug that has been mentioned at length elsewhere by Jeff Gibson?

    Thanks for any insights...
    Bill Petro
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    I have my Saved Preferences file messed-up after some crashes as well. I do not have deletepim or btmute. I just restore that one file with Backupman.
    Mike G

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