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    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this same issue:

    After I hotsync (using USB cable) my Visor's clock goes backward an hour and I have to reset it. Handspring was no help, telling me I needed to identify my city (which I already did).

    My time is fine until I hotsync again. My PC time is accurate. HELP!!!!!!!!!


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    Are you using any sort of Time-Sync or Day-Light-Savings, Application, Control Panel, Hack or Conduit?
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    No, I am not using any hacks. I live in NY so I automatically have DST.
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    Okay, no Hacks.
    Originally posted by kalaban:
    I live in NY so I automatically have DST.
    You just confused me. Without something extra, Palm OS does not handle Day Light Savings Time. And if I remember correctly, NY does exercise DST, just as VA.

    I currently use the DST Panel to manage Day-Light-Savings Time, and TimePALm to synchronize the time between my Visor and my desktop. But there are other means of DST and time syncing management.

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    CityTime which comes with the visor handles time issues including Day-Light-Saving. Did you set hometown in CityTime?
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up having to do a hard reset and it solved my problems. THANK GOD for backup buddy.

    That program has to be the best money I ever spent.
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    I don't know about the original hotsync issue.
    On the other issue, CityTime does not adjust the visor's clock to account for DST. It appears to merely use the DST settings for accounting for time differences between the cities on the map (which have different rules for DST). The PalmOS doesn't adjust for DST at all (without addon utils), a silly omission in my opinion.
    By the way there were a few discussions on DST correction around the first of April.
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    An addition note about BackupBuddy, The latest version includes an application called TimeSync that will set your Visor to the exact time as your PC.

    I use this with YATS32 on my Pc to make sure I always have the exact time on both.

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