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    The American Cancer Society now offers C-Tools 2.0, a timesaving tool that provides instant access to cancer information to anyone in the healthcare field. C-Tools 2.0, an innovative Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) software package, was developed to help doctors and their staff prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and is available free of charge.

    The C-Tools 2.0 application was developed with the help of beta testers solicited from an article back in July. David Neff, Director of Online Communications for the Society said "Everyone from Treocentral that signed up for the Beta Test was a joy to work with. You have a great community over there!"

    "C-Tools 2.0 plays an important role in helping busy physicians access and utilize important cancer information literally at our fingertips; information that helps with immediate diagnosis, treatment, and counseling for our patients," says Key Stage, M.D., Chairman of the American Cancer Society Prostate Cancer Committee.

    A primary care setting is where most people receive cancer-related information. To have the broadest reach possible, C-Tools 2.0 is provided at no cost to: primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, residents, and all health care professionals.

    C-Tools 2.0 provides important cancer-related health information such as: Cancer Screening Guidelines/Calculator, Tobacco Cessation Tool, Pain Medications Dictionary, Drug Calculator, Pain/Symptom Management Tool, Detecting Cancer in Children, Specific Antigen Information, BMI Calculator for Adults, Skin Cancer Screening Tool, Communicating with Your Patients about Bad News, and Questions Patients ask about Cancer.

    Using either the Palm Operating Systems or a Windows Mobile, C-Tools can be downloaded free today at

    This is Mr. Blonde a.k.a David from the American Cancer Society. I really did want to thank all of you for helping us during the beta test last year. You all provided really invaluable feedback. Anyway feel free to comment on the software in this thread. Suggest improvements or apps we could add....

    However if you need technical support please don't post it here. As our support team usually doesn't visit. Just me Anyway thanks for all your help. I DO have one more favor.....if you have a favorite Blog or News site you visit please feel free to pitch this story and help us spread the word.....
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