Hi there,

I am using my T650 GSM (world) in my new LR Disco 3 I have their stock kit which is straight from the ford stock piles and commes up as Ford Audio. I can pair the T650 and if I call from the T650 then there are no problems. However, if I try to call with the voice dailing feature of the kit then it says that there is no handset connected?? With my old S-E phone there were other problems but not this one. Is it the bluetooth protocol of the treo or is there some other problem. I have tried to figure out the bluetooth protocol of the T650 but it does not seem to be written anywhere. In the LR3 the version of bt is 1.1. Does anybody know if there is a work around to my problem and or an upgrade or crack that will help. I have also discovered that in the Treo bt tips they talk about a waikeup feature?? There is no such thing on my treo 650 that is the palmone OPEN version!??!?!

Thanx for your help (if any to be had)

felix b.