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    Quote Originally Posted by SJXanthos
    I have an odd crash on my hands. In the datebook, I went to start setting up event categories. I created a "Business" one, which when entered, wouldn't show up in the edit/delete list, although I could then select it to apply to individual events. Then, when I went to create additional events, my Palm would reset. This is still happening. Any ideas?
    I had this happen when I tried to add a new category for the calendar and again when I tried to create a new folder in VersaMail. I found that if I tried to add a category while in an event or message, it would reset. If I created the new category first while I was not in a message or event then moved it to the category I did not get the reset. I also tried this with my contacts with the same results. If I tried to add a new catgory while I was in a contact, reset. If I created the category first them move the contact, everything was peachy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smantl01
    My 650 consistently reboots during Sprint BizConnect (Personal) synch. Anyone else have this issue?

    I get this a lot. The only thing I found that seems to correct the problem is to not let BC get overwhelmed. I live in a valley out in the boondocks, so my coverage is pretty dicey at home. I used to have my Treo reset everyday on my way to work because BC would get flooded with 50 emails that I got during the night. I've actually gotten in the habit of checking my email via the web before I got to work to clean out the unread messages so as not to overload BC. I know this is not very scientific in that I have not tested it other than not having had it blow up on me since I started doing this.
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    I'm getting a reset every time I hotsync or insert/remove the SD card...anyone?
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    Try reformatting the card on a PC or Mac (Disk Utility-->Erase-->MS-DOS) with a card reader; you'll lose your data on the card, but it's one workaround that may work.
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    Mine reboots alot everytime I use Agendus contacts.....had it 24 hours now and it's constant 600 was stable....I did check the SIM card-it does end in a "G"----is that it? Will Cingular even know anything about all this or will I just be spinning wheels at the local store?

    HELP---I loved my 600....and still have it.

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    I did a hard reset last night and reinstalled Docs 2 Go and Acrobat. I left the SD card out and installed everything to the phone. I retrieved all my documents, appointments, contacts, tasks, and memos. I did not bring any email messages over; I set up my 2 pop email accounts from scratch again. The phone has worked perfectly all day (I never had any problems with email; just random crashes and lockups). No crashes, lockups, or resets today. I have a Cingular phone with the 64k "A" sim card. The ringer switch icons are not filled in.

    Tonight I reformatted my 256 MB SD card and installed it. I then moved all of the Docs 2 Go files that I could over to the card, along with my documents. I also copied my pictures from my laptop over to the expansion card (via hotsync).

    I now have 20 MB free on my phone. I have pretty much everything that I need now for day to day use. I think I might use it for a week or so and see how it holds up before I install any goodies.

    Any other recommendations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by khornet93
    I'm getting a reset every time I hotsync or insert/remove the SD card...anyone?
    Oh yeah, mine was doing that too, until I did a hard reset. Read my post above.

    Good luck!
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    Got an update this morning while unlocking the phone. I just pressed the center button to unlock, then I pressed the home button to get into the applications, and it reset. . .
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    Try getting a replacement. Sorry
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