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    I purchased zlauncher a few days ago through handago, along with backup buddy. I received a message immediatedly for backup buddy, but I have not received a code for zlauncher.

    This mailbox bypasses my spamfilter, so that's not the problem. I've also tried to contact them through e-mail through a couple different providers, with no luck. Also tried to call them, but I can't tell if I'm getting a busy tone or it's ringing (they're in China and I don't know what the tone means).

    Has anbody bought zlauncher through handago in the past few days and receive their registration code? How long does it normally take?

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    I didn't get my code for 5 days through "normal channels", but they did answer my email within 2 with the code when I said I hadn't received it from Handango.

    It'll come, and they're for real. Unless you're coming within 5 days of expiring, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I don't doubt that they aren't for real. When an e-mail says that a reg. code will be delivered within 2 business days, I excpect it to be delivered within 2 business days. Most other purchases from handago took less than a couple hours to deliver.

    The only reason that I want to get the reg. code ASAP is because my trial is up, and the "Continue Trial" on every application launch is very, very annoying.
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    I did receive my registration code after four days.

    I wish they would update the "developer notes" to indicate that they may not send the registration code within two days stated by handango.
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    He He
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    I usually try to buy direct from the developers site. Not only does this shorten the "I need help" loop but it also gives the developer twice as much money as the store sites usually pull 40-50% of the dough you paid. IIRC, Zlaincher uses PalmGear as their "front end" tho.
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    I think you did not receive an unlock code because their crew is off for Chinese New Year.

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