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    Have the Treo 650 libraries/headers/simulator been released? If so, where can I get them? If not, will the 600 libraries work?

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    I found some SDK downloads in the plugged in site.

    How do I add them to the palm developer suite (eclipse) so it recognizes the Treo650 device and i can build using the libraries?

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    For me, I just created a directory under the PODS directory (at the same level of the PalmSource OS SDK - probably sdk-5r4) called palmOne and copied the header files there. Then in Eclipse (PODS), I go to Window->Preferences. In the tree-view, go to Palm OS Developmenr->GNU Compiler. On the right side, you'll be able to go to a tab under 68K labelled Includes. I add an entry here for /PalmDev/palmOne (/PalmDev is a virtual path that gets created in your cygwin installation that points to the PODS root directory). Any new projects will automatically pick this include dir up. For existing projects, I've found that I need to explicitly add this same include directory into the project Include settings (remeber to do it for Release and Debug configurations).

    To use the palmOne specific stuff, I usually #include <68k/Hs.h>, which pulls in more of the libraries from the 600 than #include <palmOne_68k.h> seems to do.

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    thanks, that seems to be working for me.

    it's annoying that all the treo sample code is for codewarrior though, since the resource files are incompatible.
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    PODS can import the code warrior files as xrd files. Right-click in the project and choose Import. One of the files types is a Palm OS Resource File. You can browse for the code warrior file and PODS will convert it to an xrd. I've successfully built many of the CW examples in PODS, though to get a clean build, you'll probably need to comment out a lot of the pragmas, and add some additional include paths to the project (CW seems to allow the inclusion of headers in subdirectories without prefixing the path to the the subdir).

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    thanks! now if they would just release a linux version of PODS (and all associated tools) i would be very happy.

    i don't think it is possible to do treo 650 development with prc-tools because pose doesn't work with the pluggedin rom for the 650 (if i'm mistaken about this, feel free to correct me). plus, the xrd tool is windows only, so you would have to use pilrc. (i'm currently running xp in vmware for the sole purpose of running PODS). given that eclipse obviously runs on linux, this should be pretty straightforward to build the emulator and xrd tool for linux.

    seems like with their push to using linux as an operating system on the devices, they should also support using linux for development...
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    Nope, my corrections are at an end. The newer device ROMs don't work with POSE, and many of the standalone executables are Win32 only. Though after trying to debug Palm code with gdb in the past, to get the integrated debugging offered in PODS I'd install whatever OS they demanded! Now if only code completion worked reliably...

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