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    I have the BT250 by Jabra for my 650. When I'm not using it, I keep it in my pants pocket (not the pocket with keys, etc). Is this ok for it? Have any broken it this way? There is no where else for me to keep it while I'm at work, and I can't wear it around at work. Thanks.
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    I don't pretend to any special knowledge, but I can't imagine why it should matter. I keep my BT250 in my breast pocket (easier to reach when I'm sitting down), though occasionally in my keys pocket. Haven't noticed any damage or other deleterious effects.
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    Thanks. I appreciate that. I don't always wear those types of shirts, but when I do, that's where I'll keep it.
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    I broke a BlueVoice earpiece from Body Glove in my jeans pocket. Similar design to the Jabra. It was my fault, as I left the part that sticks in your ear out to the side instead of rotating it back so it would be in line with the rest of the piece.
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    Probably want to put a little tin-foil around the scrotum...

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