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    I upgraded from a Palm M515 to a Treo 650 and got a free Jabra 250 from Palm. It came with a plastic bag that had additional gel earpiece covers of various sizes. that bag also had a device that resembles a clothespin with the Jabra logo on it. What is it and how do I use it?
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    I connects to the charging cradle to act as a holster for the headset.
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    That is the snap-on belt clip, for the earpiece charging / holster unit. If you dont plan on wearing the charger / holster on your belt dont worry about the clip.

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    While I believe you, that makes no sense! Why would you wear the charger on your belt. Wouldn't you still be tethered to the wall by a the power cord?
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    I just figured it out. You might want to wear the charger to hold the earpiece on your belt, but NOT while charging it. That still is overkill, since the earpiece really needs to be on your ear when on and when off, is small enough to fit in most pockets.
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    I figured out that it attached to the charger - but where? Every part that I can see is too large and leaves the clothespin tines too far apart to clip on to anything. They can't mean attach it to the removable cord.
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    The design of the belt clip attachment is a carry-over from the non-blutooth phone version. The "Charger" also acted as the BT interface and plugged into the earphone connection on the phone. Not surprisingly, the Non-BT version had better range because the charger also had it's own little battery in it.

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