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    Does anyone know how to clear the "history" list in the Browser portion of AvantGo?
    I'm running Ver. 3.3.403
    Is it even possible to clear? does it fill up with a certain number and purge older history items?

    Thanks all...
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    I have no idea. i think that it overwrites the old data. I have a problem with avantgo too. How do u change the max size of all the channels. Cuz i have about 2 mbs of channels and i want to add more that it says that the max is reached or something...
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    I don't think you can go over their 'limit' however to make some more room, look at the channels you currently have. Many of them are set for 50 or 100k and only use 30 -40k. Set these to a smaller amount and you'll have room for a few more channels.

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