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    Hi all,
    I recently purchased a leather latch case from TC store and it came in last night. This is a case by which you DO NOT have to remove the leather latch around the phone, but once clipped onto your belt can be removed by simply gently pressing on the release button on the holster. Its actually designed so much so that you never have to remove the leather latch and can actually use the phone while it is in its leather latch after releasing it from your belt clip (which comes along with it). Well that is at least what its supposed to do.
    Everytime I put my T650 into the leather latch the screen does not respond to my stylus. All the keys work perfect. Touching on the screen however produces no response. I even checked to make sure that none of the side buttons were being pressed (all keys work, so that theory is ruled out, I guess).
    Can someone help?
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    Is the case applying pressure to the screen or the surrounding plastic? If there's excessive pressure on the screen or the sides of the casing directly next to the screen, the digitizer may not be able to read due to too many pressure points.

    I had the same problem when installing screen protectors, sometimes the added thickness would be enough for the surrounding plastic frame to be too close to the digitizer and cause it to read falsely when pressure was applied.

    I'd say if you don't see the problem with the case off, then this is mostly likely what is going on.
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    See if the case is holding down the new side button below the volume buttons. If that is pressed the screen freezes. My case ( A case for the 600) was holding it down and frezing it so I purchased a new case

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