After reading through lots of email related threads, I noticed alot of "you need to check out Aileron" posts, and not always from the same person. ...then, nothing. No one would mention them again.

Well, I've looked into them and it looks impresive so far. I have downloaded the trial version and am in the process of setting it up. I started a new thread because I wanted a discussion focused on this procuct and how it compares to Chatter, Snapper, etc....

Here is my situation. Like many of you, I am the Lone Ranger of my firm. IE, I am the only one interested in mobile email. We have an NT network with Exchange 2000 behind a firewall. I looked into OWA solutions about a year ago and came away frustrated and without access. I have recently tried again and have met with success. I have used Mergic VPN to get through the firewall. The standard mail application let me read, but not send email (I'm sure it was the authentication issue.) However, using Snapper Enterprise edition( I need IMAP4), bingo, works great!

Two problems, however, Mergic plus Snapper (both on trial) is $90. Ouch! Also, I have had my heart set on push email, which is what led me to Aileron. My company does have OWA, so I'm looking at the personal edition. (can't get IT too involved.)

Anyway, I was looking for some feedback on Aileron from some of you who have walked this path before me.

Thanks to all!