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    Using my XP laptop connected to the TREO 650 using Bluetooth.

    number: *99***1#
    password: CINGULAR1
    init string: AT+CGDCONT=1, "ip", "wap.cingular"

    Initially I was struggling when the setting were the same as above EXCEPT that I was using "ISP" instead of "WAP"

    Make sure the Network connection on your TREO 650 matches that of the Bluetooth connection above.
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    spent some frustrating time tyring to get this to work. But this morning it just worked using the same setting posted at the start of this thread, which seems to be the same except that everything is upper cased.

    One thing that proved frustrating to me is that HotSync sometimes picks up the same Bluetooth Com port that the DUN is trying to use. So "Connection Failed" error occurs, and it does tell you that the port is already in use, but it just took me a while to realize that Hotsync changes its port almost every time I restart or login my computer if you use the BT to do synchronization.

    Anyhow, now it works, and I'm happy. Thanks to the forum contributors for the settings!

    On a side note, the Cingular network is much slower than the AT&T network, maybe it's because there are less people on AT&T legacy network. But my contract runs out and there is no alternative for me except Cingular because of the reception I get is better.
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