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    I have a Treo 650 which I've been successfully using with a Plantronics 2500. I decided to try the Sony HBH-300. However, after the 1st day of use it stopped automatically linking when I originate a call. The manual says it should on outbound calls. On inbound calls you're supposed to push a button to accept the call. This seemed to happen after I switched back (to see the difference) with the Plantronics.

    Subsequently, I've deleted and reinstalled both Bluetooth devices and even did a hard reset to restore everything to system defaults (and wipe the memory) on the Treo.

    The Plantronics 2500 continues to automatically link to the Treo on both outbound and incoming calls. The Sony does not. I am about ready to send the Sony back, but wanted to check first if anyone had any ideas.

    Other than this problem, the Sony has excellent sound quality and noise reduction.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Check my prior thread - I went through the same issue as you.

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