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    13 months old
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    My Treo just crashed while recording a video....
    Very buggy
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    DavidH or others: Have you got your replacement 650 yet? I called Palm on Sunday night and the customer service guy told me a replacement would be sent out Fedex overnight on Monday, but then i received email from Palm saying it would go out USPS - someday soon! Boy am I pissed at these bozos. It is really annoying since I paid for the overnight shipping on the original unit!
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    Tonight again while walking home I had poor reception and sure enough as soon as I launched Blazer, it froze.
    Only a reset fixed it but after trying few times, I had the same problem.
    Back home, where I have a very good reception, no more problem !
    This thing makes me feel like my PPC is pretty stable after all

    Another thing, on NYC streets, I simply can't hear messages on my voicemail or have a conversation with someone because of the extremely low volume.

    Tomorrow, I am calling Tech Support, if they play stupid; I am returning it... not sure if I will go for another unit or full refund.

    I am very disappointed eventhough this smartphone does everything I need.
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    davidh709: I've had this slowdown you describe twice on my unlocked 650 (had it 10 days now) on T-Mobile. Both times, I had to reset the phone and it was fine after that.

    When you upgraded to the 650, did you create a new profile or were some of your 600's files copied onto the 650 via /backup? I'm wondering if it's something left over that the 650 doesn't really know what to do with that's causing these slowdowns.
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    I don't think this lag has anything to do with previously loaded software - or with the T- Mobile SIM. Mine began doing this straight out of the box and I tried another SIM and the problem recurred. Since some 650's seem to be fine there just seem to be a lot of lemon's out there. Of course there also are problems from software and memory deficiencies, but those do not occur straight out of the box.

    But what I am pissed off about is how long its taking me to get a replacement. After telling me it would come overnight they sent it standard USPS.
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    I haven't had any lag issues. I've had the power button not respond a few times but I noticed it only happens when the GPRS disconnects and lags when it's automatically reconnecting (the LED turns red when it's reconnecting).

    As for how old my SIM is, hmm...I got it when I switched to T-Mobile (for a SE T68i) and that was back in December of 2002. I'm assuming if we didn't have 64k SIM cards, then the Treo wouldn't work with those cards?
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650 | T-Mobile
    Received: 2/10/2005
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    Interesting problem. My unlocked 650 never had this problem since I started using it last Friday. I would try another SIM card and if the same happens, exchange the phone.
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    SIM is a standard. The only variations between the carriers are the specific identifiers of which network it runs off of. If this is causing a Treo 650 to lag then I'm Winston Churchill. Trust me. Anyhoo, T-Mobile's been using the 64k SIMs when the rest of these upstart GSM carriers were still running DAMPS. Don't even get me started on how long there have been T-Mobile (not just USA) branded SIMs running amok out there. So it sounds more like a quality control issue with PalmOne. I know, I know, there's no empirical evidence to support this...claim...? Oh wait, yeah there is. Oops, my bad.
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    Welll, after dealing for 2 weeks with problems, I decided to send my Treo back for a full refund. My biggest issue was with the extremely low volume making it unusable as primary phone. I am going to miss it but I just cannot justify paying $600 for it. I can't take the risk of waiting few months for an update... if it ever comes ... thinking about all the CDMA users without Shadowmite's work; I think I made the right choice.
    Good luck to all of you with your 650 !
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    Brightcell, my Treo crashed while making me toast and squeezing fresh oranges. Just kidding

    What are your plans for a PDA phone now?
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