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    I use Zlauncher and the program isnt huge but there is a file Zlauncher DB that grows with every use it is at 800K .

    Can i delete this or is this just going to grow everytime i use Zlauncher .
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    The DB is now up to 1200K
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    Mine is only 189k and I've had this installed for about a week now I think.
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    Been running it for several weeks - only 316KB here, and that's on a 650 which doesn't manage memory very well.
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    Wonder if I can delete this file?
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    It's just a guess, but does ZL's Trash Bin have stuff in it? Mine is constant at 385K but I never use the Trash Bin. Just a guess as I don't know what else might make it grow
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    go to zlauncher prefs/advanced/category setup/clear zldb orphaned records

    not sure but this may free up a little room
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    None of that worked but thanks all. I will email the creator.

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