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    I just got an unlocked 650 from PalmOne. I have a Tmobile account.

    I can make calls, send and receive emails and surf the web from the Treo.
    Tmobile tells me that proves my internet access account is alive and well.

    I used the blue tooth wizard on my laptop to configure a modem.
    It is on COM 6 and it can be successfully probed so it is fine.

    I configure the magic at command at+cgdcont=1,,""

    Not only did this work with my previous cell phone, but Tmobile says it's still the valid command.

    On my dial up connection I have no user name and no password, and the number to dial is *99# Again Tmobile confirms this is correct.

    When I try to connect from my laptop via the bluetooth enabled Treo 650, which is in "dialup mode" on it's blue tooth wizard, I get the normal dialog boxes. First it says "dialing *99#" then it goes on and says
    "verifying username and password"
    And that's exactly where it hangs forever.

    So has anyone ever gotten past this? Has anyone ever connected to the internet from a bluetooth enabled laptop via an unlocked Treo 650 on the Tmobile service?
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    i just did it w/ my unlocked with tmobile. i didn't configure the at command. just set the dialing number to *99***1# w/ no username and password and it connected fine.

    here is the setup guide on palmone:
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    Did this get resolved for you drjava? I am having the same problem, XP Pro laptop with a bluetooth USB and 650 GSM unlocked on TMO.
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    same problem here...what is the point of having an unlocked GSM 650 with DUN enabled if you can't use it????

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    Use JuneFabric's pdaNet and your life will be so much simpler.

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