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    Just wanted to see if anyone who's recently signed up for Cingular and got one nof those free phones with the $24.99 unlimited internet option, then bought an unlocked 650 and put the "free" sim in it? This way you'll pay $25 for unlimited internet and not the $45 they want.

    Anyone done this successfully and not been caught yet. Am I right in assuming this will work?


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    It should work if your T650 is unlocked. I do the same with my SX66 PPC phone by taputting the SIM from the Moto v551. MEdia Works for $19.99 works perfectly.
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    My wife has a Cingular account. I have been with Nextel for the last three years. Getting ready to jump out, either Tmobile, or Cingular family plan. I wanted to check out the Treo 650 personally while waiting for mine from P1 last week, so I went to a Cingular store and got to finally see the 650 and play with it. Added on the Media Works to my wife's account while at the store before the changes at Cingular though I was told that if I decided to bring my number from Nextel to a Family Plan at Cingular the Media Works would only be for my wife's line. I will have to push a little to take that unlimited at $19.99 to my line.
    Anyways, when my GSM Unlocked got here on Monday I took my wife's SIM card from her V551 and...Voila!! Worked flawless. Made a few calls, conected to the web, everything.
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    my $19.95 media works plan works fine in my treo.

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