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    hi there,

    in several recent months I sometimes get a problem: someone sends me sms and nothing appears in sms application, nor receiving chime does not sound. if I only use FILEZ application and open the file SMS Messages, there I can click on items there and EDIT/VIEW -> there I can read lost sms, however, always truncated.

    I am really angry, for now I never can be sure, that I will get all messages sent to me. Moreover, two or three times it happend the way that even through FILEZ app I cannot find the SMS (although sender got a message from network, that her sms was received).

    Could anyone help?

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    I've just posted this over at I'm having the same problem, so this might help you? Don't know if it solves it as it's been too soon..



    Using filez I found some files that were called this :

    SMS Msg Database
    SMS Messages
    SMS Quicktext
    SMS quicklist
    SMS Special Address

    Looked in the SMS Msg Database file and I could see all the messages that I could see through the SMS app - 1 message in the inbox and 15 in the sent.

    Looked in SMS Messages and there were the 6 messages that had gone missing, including one that had been copied from my Sim card when I first turned the phone on.

    (I couldn't see the missing messages in the SMS App).

    I've deleted all the records out of SMS Messages (the ones I couldn't see) and then deleted the file (after backing it up by beaming it to my Clie).

    I did a soft reset just for the hell of it, thought it might be a good idea.

    The SMS Messages file has been created but is empty. Got the misses to send me a text and it's come through OK.. guess I'll just have to see what happens..
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    You must fill First and Last name in the contact application and better you always enter phone no. with +(country code)(area code)(number).

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