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    Is it possible for the 650's OS to be hacked so that it will use the 600's file system and get rid of all the memory issues? Thanks! -Vincent
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    good idea.
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    No. At least I'm pretty sure that's the answer. The 650 file system is embedded in the NVFS chip itself, not just coded in the OS. See:

    which makes me wonder just how Palm expects a ROM update to address the problem. I've suspected all along they were blowing smoke with their promises of a firmware patch to solve the problem.
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    Yup. me too.
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    I never took it that they would "solve" the problem. But rather minimize the lost memory space..maybe getting the cluster size down or something like that
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    The issue with the filesystem is its defualt cluster size. On previous palm devices mem used was the size of mem used. With a cluster you use a part of a cluster and the rest is wasted. ex: if you have a cluster size of 512k and a 2 k file, that file will take up 512k of space. 2 2k files would take up 2 clusters or 1024k. Under the old mem the 2 2k files would take up ~4k.
    You can see where the trouble is.
    In a perfect world, the application developers would write their apps with this in mind.
    ex: a address book developer would have to change code so that instead of individual small files (like the example above) they would smash them together. Like the example above, that would mean istead of 2 2k files (takeing up 1024l space) the app would instead make 1 4k file and continue to append until it reached 512k, then make a new cluster.
    Instead of a perfect world (for palm), PALM will need to change there file handleing code to do just what is described above and not assume the developer will. From an overall OS standpoint, this is the more elegant solution, but it does cost PALM time and development.

    Hope that helps.

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