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    I started a finance class and the prof. said to get a finance calc. Of course my Visor has a finance calc. But I was trying to do an annuity and use the "payment mode" functions "Begin" and "End." The "begin" doesn't work. I should get 2 different FV numbers depending on how the payment mode is set. Is this a bug? Anyone else having this problem? I didn't want to have to go and buy another calc.
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    It works fine for me. Could you tell me what are the values of those variables you set? That would be helpful in figuring out the problem.
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    Using payment/year = 1 and the payment mode set to BEGIN, PV=0, FV=(blank), Pmt=100 (or -100), APR=5, n=3. The answer should be $331.0125. I keep getting 315.25, which it should be if the payment mode was set to END. Thanks for checking it out!
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    To SEnd Boston
    You are right. I just got my unit a couple days ago. The BEGIN function does not work. It always gives the same result as if the payment are made at the END. One of the reason I bought the Visor is because of the Financial Calculator. Now I'm upset because it does not work properly. Imagine giving someone the wrong answer in a meeting.
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    Can one of you guys post here or email me the two formulas for begin & end and then an example of incorrect results? IANAFinance major. I will let HS know about it if there is a real bug.

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    The example I noted above is a good one. In the finance calc select the EDIT button. Then set "payment/year"= 1, the "payment mode"=BEGIN, PV=0, FV=(blank), Pmt=100 (or -100), APR=5, n=3. Hit SOLVE. The answer should be $331.0125. I keep getting $315.25 instead.

    Next, clear the FV amount again and set the "payment mode" to END. When you solve it the correct answer is $315.25.

    I'm thinking it's a bug. Thanks for looking into it. Maybe there is an easy fix/patch to be created!

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    That's a good example but I got even a simpler one. In the finance calc select the EDIT button. Then set "payment/year"= 1, the "payment mode"=BEGIN, PV=0, FV=(blank), Pmt=-100, APR=5, n=1. This is when you make a $100 payment at the beginning of the year for 1 year at interest of 5%. We can figure in our head that at the end of the year the value should be $105. Hit SOLVE. But the answer is $100 instead. When you change the payment mode to END the answer is $100 which is right because you do not get any interest. I hope this helps. Unless we do not know how to use it preperly. I think there is a bug.
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    After some study, I find that if PV=0 then the result for payment method "begin" is incorrect. if PV!=0, then the result is right.
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    has anyone found a better financial calculator? i'm partial to my HP 17BII but hate carrying around both.
    also, how do you figure out how to create custom formulas? is this even possible on the visor?

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    I re-examine the financial calculator and I think all the confusion comes from the meaning of FV. If FV is supposed to be the final value at the very last day of the entire period (i.e, 12/31 for a on-year loan begin at 1/1), then the FV calculated for the pay at "begin" method is incorrect. However, if FV is considered to be the final value at the time the last payment is made (i.e., 12/1 for a one-year loan begin at 1/1) the the result is correct. IMHO, the latter is more reasonable.

    Any financial expert, please shed a light.
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    FV is the future value of an investment based on periodic, constant payments and a constant interest rate. It's the value at the end of the periods. Begin/End indicates when the payments are to be made; either at the beginning or at the end of each period.

    It seems to me that it's either a bug or else everyone here is entering the data in the incorrect order.

    Since I dont own a visor and don't have the advanced calculator it comes with I can't try it myself, but I seriously doubt everyone is using it incorrectly.

    If you don't have a financial calculator, try the same calculations with Excel. It has standard finance operations like PV and FV out of the box.
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    FV of a 1 year investment w/ 12 equal payment starting on 1/1 is the value on 12/31 not 12/1.

    The different between BEGIN and END payment is .. BEGIN mode you start to earn interest right away on you first payment (1/1), END mode you do not earn interest because you did not make payment until 1/31 and you don't earn interest on the last payment because you make payment on 12/31.

    Everything being equal, investment w/ payment in the beginning of the month always gives higher return than the investment w/ payment at the end of the month. But the visor gives the same answer.

    Unless I don't know how to use it (there is not much instruction on calc.) , I think it's a bug.
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    I let Handspring know about the potential bug and am waiting to hear back from them on it.

    James Hromadka
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    Any word yet from Handspring? One would think that they would give this site some priority.
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    I have a masters degree in Finance, and this is most CERTAINLY a bug.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Hope someone comes out with a fix soon.
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    Haven't heard anything yet. I keep checking here and Handspring to see if they will set up a patch for downloading. Do you get a Handspring T-shirt if you discover a bug?
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    They are aware of it, as well as another issue someone brought up on the calculator. I can't give you any kind of ETA though.

    Interesting enough, my Finance class is covering Future Value and Previous Values right now

    James Hromadka
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    I agree this is certainly a bug.
    Compared identical values with my HP 12C (what a reliable old machine).
    Need Visor to update thier calculator function.
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    I'm a MBA student who was scared by the info given here. After checking the problem given above with both my TI BAII+ and OVDX, I'm getting the same 315.25 that seems to be the wrong answer? I've also run through some sample annuity problems in my Finance textbook and get the same (correct) results with both the TI and Visor. Has anyone else tested in this fashion? Maybe there is not a problem.
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    Set the problem up in Excel using FV and you'll get 2 different answers.
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