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    Originally posted by saranss:
    I think it's a poor job from Handspring not even response to this problem. It's been approx. 3 1/2 mos. since the first post. Noone got any reponse from them.
    Handspring would be opening up the floodgates by even responding to the problem. They'd probably have to consider replacing every single Visor sold, because it's a universal problem. They're probably scared silly.
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    Originally posted by SEnd Boston:
    The example I noted above is a good one. In the finance calc select the EDIT button. Then set "payment/year"= 1, the "payment mode"=BEGIN, PV=0, FV=(blank), Pmt=100 (or -100), APR=5, n=3. Hit SOLVE. The answer should be $331.0125. I keep getting $315.25 instead.

    Next, clear the FV amount again and set the "payment mode" to END. When you solve it the correct answer is $315.25.

    I'm thinking it's a bug. Thanks for looking into it. Maybe there is an easy fix/patch to be created!

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    I tried with apcalc 2.64, with the beg mode the result was 331.0125, with the end mode the result was 315.2500

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