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    anyone get the bt800 yet and try to pair it with the sx66/ppc6601/xv6600?

    Jabra tells me it will be a ***** if the BT is only 1.0, which mine is.
    They recommend to push the manufacturer for a 1.1 update.
    Anybody know if there are updates on the way to do this??

    Also, is the BT in the SX66 also 1.0?

    I think it really sux that these are new devices and the manufacturer has a BT version that's two full "dots" behind the current standard of many a cell phone.
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    The BT800 is not out yet, at least in the US.

    Various sites like Ecost and PCMall have had the damn thing in pre-order status for up to 3 months now.

    Don't know what the hold up is, but I am past patient!


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