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    Does anybody know of a Treo utility that allows you to dial numbers directly from your calendar, memos, and tasks?

    I'm familiar with MarkNDial and iDial. However, these require that you select the number first with the stylus, then it proposes a number to dial, then you click OK. Not exactly easy while driving.

    Anybody know of anything that just works like Blazer? (It detects that it's a phone number, and makes it a clickable link). I'm stunned that Datebk5 and/or Agendus has not included it as a feature -- that would be a real reason to upgrade.
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    You can select text using your 5-way rocker and pressing it launches/dials URLS and phone numbers.
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    Wow, that's exactly what I wanted, thank you.

    I wish it managed to do the select and dial in one keystroke (detect the phone number in the field and dial it), but this is the closest I've seen yet...

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