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    I have been playing with my new Treo650, and I really like the upgrade from the 600. My one problem is that the 600 used to have an option in the Calendar application to "Duplicate item" (Menu->Duplicate Item :menu: Y). This was really helpful for me in my line of work. I am an attorney, and often my hearings get continued at court. Previously court staff would give me the date, I would check the day in Calendar to see if I was free, then go back to the current day, hit "duplicate item" and set the date/time to the new date/time. Now, on my 650 this menu option is GONE. I now have to re-type the data for the appointment (I also put the case# in the notes screen of the appointment).
    Any solution for this (aside from installing new software)?

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    You can go to the old appointment and click on "details." From there you can change the date/time of the appointment without having to retype. From the details screen you can also click the menu button and it gives you the option to copy. I have not used it, but you can give it a try and see if it works for you.
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    Thanks for the reply, but copy within the details screen does nothing.
    Also, I want to create a duplicate of the appointment on the new date (so I have a record of the current appointment).
    Thanks for the help, though
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    Handspring used a feature limited version of Datebk+. Since PalmOne took over, they've gone back to the standard Palm Calendar program. Most people who have used Datebk+ prefer it. You can get the full featured Datebk+ here:

    You can try it out for free. Make sure you download release 5.1b-p7, which has fixes specifically for the Treo650. The link for it is located on the right side of the page, under the download graphic. IT's labelled in red: V-5.4 Maintenance Release is REQUIRED for Tungsten T5/Treo650 to sidestep Performance & Stability problems in the PalmOne software.

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