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    Spent the last three days in Las Vegas and wanted to see what the Treo could do.

    Below are pictures taken of various hotels. Certainly the pictures were not as crystal clear as a dedicated digital camera, but the pics were not bad. I also took some video, which came out as best one would expect. I did have to transfer the pics and video to my SD card since it took up a lot of the RAM.

    Also using Versamail I was able to check work email (yes, I still had to check email on vacation) and open attachements using Document To Go. Certainly a BT keyboard would've made answering email a lot easier, but I was able to manage using the keyboard. The whole process of typing email and attaching documents were simple. Also use SnapperMail for personal mail, that was problem free.

    Pocket Tunes Deluxe and the Siedio 2n1 were very handy on the plane and walking around listening to mp3's stored on my 1GB SD card.

    Vegas hotels:
    New York New York
    Paris Hotel

    A few at night:
    Bellagio Hotel
    Paris Hotel

    Also the Bellagio was celebrating Chinese New Year:


    * Open using Quicktime
    * Recommend muting the sound

    Bellagio water show 1 (2.1MB)

    Bellagio water show 2 (3.3MB)

    Evolution: PalmPilot > Palm Vx > Visor Prism > iPaq 3955 > iPaq 4155 > Treo 600 > Treo 650
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    You know those pics are not that bad. Alot better then some of the other phone/cams.
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    Really an incredible difference in quality from the Treo 600....

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