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    I'm am doing a fresh install on my 650 which I just got from scratch so I can document the order I install applications so I know the order to re-install anything at a later stage.

    My question is does anyone know what these application are in the "C:\Program Files\palmOne\Add-on" folder:


    I am assuming they are all Document To Go 7 applications that gets installed when you load the Desktop software that comes with the 650...Is this correct?

    There is also a MMUpgrade.prc and ..Add-on\VersaMail 3.0\MMUpgrade.prc file I think these is some type of upgrade to VersaMail but I'm not sure why there is 2 different files, they are different sizes, anybody got any ideas?

    BTW: no unexpected resets as yet, except the 2 I did myself to start fresh myself

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    Phone Info: Firmware: 1.14 / Software: Treo650-1.05-ROW
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    Yeah, that's all Docs2Go stuff.... Dunno what the mmupgrade does, but all the MM stuff except for one file belongs to VersaMail.

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