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    my memory indicates full (23mg) However, my applications and data only add up to 11mg. anyone have any ideas what this is? or how to fix?

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    There may be any of a number of things that could cause this -
    (i) Your browser cache - How much have you allocated (for e.g. setting on my phone is 1.6 Mb)? and is it full? Periodically emptying it helps
    (ii) Old applications that you may have installed and then deleted - many applications do not uninstall cleanly - they leave files behind that clog up space
    (iii) The standard Mail application that came with Treo is known to create large useless files over a period of time which hog space

    Finally it is best to use a file manager like Filez (freeware that you would be able find almost everywhere) to take a look at what files are present on your treo and which of these are really associated with known applications currently present on the machine. and then delete all the superfluous stuff.
    Satish Joshi

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