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    I have a Treo 650 (Unlocked GSM) and I have a Nokia CK - 1W Car kit in my vehicle which works fine at my end, the party at the other end hears their voice feed back to them in an echo does anyone have a solution.
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    I have been told that Nokia Bluetooth Car Kits, CK-1W & CK-7W, don't work well with non-Nokia phones. The echo is the main complaint.
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    I have been using this Nokia Bluetooth hands-free kit for months with a non Nokia phone (a Ericsson) and the person talking with me didn't hear his own voice. Now with the Treo and the same Nokia Bluetooth kit the problem happens at every call. I didn't buy the Treo 600 mainly because the lack of Bluetooth and now I find this. I would help any suggestion.
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    I have exactly the same problem - I upgraded to the Treo 650 as soon as I could to get the Bluetooth. But the Nokia CK-7W gives a terrible echo. Very dissapointing!

    Any suggestions greatfully received.

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