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    I have a lot of leftover "trash" from uninstalled programs. I use GoodLink for enterprise email. Will my GoodLink settings restore from a backup? Can you recommend a good cleaner app?
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    Uninstall Manager and Cleanup from Northglide. However, since you already have the trash installed, my favorite way of cleaning house is hard resetting and installing from scratch. The FIRST thing you install is Uninstall Manager. It then tracks every program you install afterwards and lets you remove it cleanly.
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    From a GoodLink point of view, use the GL preferences and back up to the SD card. If you have to reinstall, all your settings, etc, will be on the card for a simple restore.
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    You can try CleanUp from Northglide (the makers of Uninstall Manager) -

    In addition, you should use Uninstall Manager - it uninstalls apps and makes sure all associated files are removed with it. Plus, the "Sandbox" feature is a great way to try new apps w/o committing them to the Treo's RAM.

    [EDIT] Sorry, for the duplicate post - just noticed others have posted before me. This is what I get when I view a thread but don't post for 30mins.
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