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    Yeah, the contacts on the charging cradle are a little sensitive. But give it a good wiggle and it starts charging.
    Mine only took about 2 hours to charge too, I think that's noraml. After it was charged I even pulled it off and re-placed it on the charger and in only a few min it stopped charging again. This indicates that it was already fully charged. Note, on all rechargable devices, even when they're fully charged they'll start charging if you keep re-plugging them back in until they determine they're fully charged after a few min (so that's normal.)

    I think it really does only take 2 hours. I'm confident that I had it well seated on the charger. This is a Minor annoyance.

    I love the Scala. It's my first and only bluetooth headset, but it sounds great, looks good, and works pretty darn well. There is no static beyond the normal static that I even hear on my wired headset (the scala BT is actually clearer.)

    My only complaint is that it doesn't fit very snugly to my ear. It sort of hangs there on my ear and dangles when I turn my head no matter what I do to try to snug it up. It's not that bad, actually, fits well enough to walk. Just can't turn my head quickly and wouldn't want to try to run with this (not that I plan to.)

    Besides the fit, I love my Scala and have no other complaints. I haven't tested the range beyond about 10 ft.

    I'd still like to try the Sony 660, but I just couldn't justify the price for as little as I use the headset.
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    It simply rocks. HS820>Jabra250>Jabra110>Scala 500
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo600guy
    My replacement (with a turquoise light instead of blue) came today. So far hard to tell because I haven't had enough test with it, but I do notice the sound is not as loud. My initial test with it in my left pocket (which previously led to much static) seems better. I'll try some more and let you know if I see much difference.

    OK, not happy with my replacement. It is about the same static, or more, and less volume. I like the new light color (as if that matters) and at first people on the other side said it was clear, but now they keep asking if they are on speakerphone. The Scala customer service is very nice and helpful though so they are going to get me out another replacement to try. I'm not giving up yet.
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh

    I'd still like to try the Sony 660, but I just couldn't justify the price for as little as I use the headset.

    i gave my scala to my gf and i just received my hbh-660!

    i was also sceptical about spending so much on a headset. but no i am glad i did.

    there is no little or no static in areas my scala had static.

    i also noticed a longer range between my t650 and headset.

    the 660 also stays on my ear better than the scala.

    if you're having problems with the scala falling out you should try the jabra eargels.
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    Re: the fit, have you tried bending the earpiece? Once I did that it fit much better. It is meant to be bent to adjust fit. I put it on my ear then bent it until snug and comfortable.
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    I Need Help Finding Eargels For My Scala 500
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