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    Hi folks. I'm a new PDA user, got my Visor Deluxe a week ago. What do you folks use to convert .txt or .Doc files for Palm use?
    I tried Makedoc but is there something better? I'm trying out iSilo and Smartdoc as far as readers go. All replies appreciated.


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    I have tried several and find Word Doc Converter to be the best
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    Thanks for the tip, Mace Dog!

    I've been using the vanilla MakeDoc, but using your link I downloaded WordDocConverter. Very nice program! I like the ability to do it all while I am still in the Word document. I use it with SmartDoc...and it's worth the $5 shareware fee.

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    I use the DTK (the Doc Toolkit).
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    What about the other way around, how can I transfer doc file from visor to pc ? I am using smartdoc.
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    If you are using Word,backup buddy and smartdoc the software (it is actually a toolbar in word) I mentioned above will do the trick. It may work in other combinations but I have only ever tried it this way. Make sure the document you create in smartdoc is set to backup on hotsync.
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    Are you saying Smartdoc adds a to the menu in Word much like Quicksheet does in Excel? I downloaded the demo, and there is only a .prc file. There isn't anything to install on the PC that would modify Word's toolbar.
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    Originally posted by TomR:
    Hi folks. I'm a new PDA user, got my Visor Deluxe a week ago. What do you folks use to convert .txt or .Doc files for Palm use?
    Personally, I like DocInOut. This program integrates with MS Explorer. With a right mouse click on a .TXT file, an option to create a Palm DOC appears on the option box; when doing the same to a CSV file, it'll create something for my JFile database. Very handy.
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    Anyone have any converters for the Mac? The programs you've listed above are PC-only. DocsToGo doesn't really do the job, because it uses its own proprietary format that can't be edited in any of the text editing programs like SmartDoc or pedit.
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    I use iSilofree, which comes with a great converter that can convert to DOCs and to iSilo documents (20% smaller in size!) search for it at PalmGear.


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    Thanks, Petro, but iSilo Free has the same problem as Docs to Go. It converts text files to its own proprietary format, not to the standard DOC format.

    Does any one know of a Mac-friendly text converter that creates DOC files that can be edited using one of the text editing programs like SmartDoc, pedit, TakeNote or QED?
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    I believe TakeNote comes with a convertor for Mac.

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