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    I have searched around this website but have found no helpful information regarding the serial port of the Treo 300.

    - What is the pin out?
    - Do I need an external power supply to power this port?
    - Are there API's out there that will allow my application to read data from this port?

    Thanks for any information.

    dutchman1234 at hotmail dot com
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    Your needing external power depends upon what you're trying to do with the serial cable. You can get a 300 Serial cable from a variety of sources, but I never found a powered one. I wanted the cable so that i could run the iTemp app, but without power the Treo couldn't read the 1-wire bus. I had the same problem with my 600. When I got my 650 I finally found a powered serial cable which allowed me to properly poll my ibuttons.


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