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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    Volume discount (work). Also, haven't had a land-line in over 4 yrs. Haven't missed it for 1 second.
    I have not missed my land line in 4 years either.

    I switched to Cingular because they have roaming and long distance in Canada, no real othe rmotivation. Sprint PCS actually seems to have better coverage in Salt Lake but it did my little good when I have to pay out the nose to call back home.
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    Cingular Wireless (Orange)

    Unlimited Minutes 24/7
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited IMs
    Unlimited Picture/Video Messaging
    Unlimited Data
    No Roaming
    No Long Distance
    Around $3.68/Month (Taxes and Fees)

    Cingular Employee Plan

    Makes the Treo VERY enjoyable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowdawg54
    $59.95 850 anytime minutes w/rollover
    Unlimited N&W
    Unlimited Expd M2M
    $19.99 MediaWorks unlimited data plan
    1500 Text Messages
    200 MultiMedia messages
    Same but add one person for 9.95
    Oh and 15% CORP DISCOUNT.
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    This I know... BWAHAHAHA! I'm always talking to someone.... I used to go over my minutes almost every month. These days I rarely go over thank goodness. Now my average minutes are close to 700-800. I think with the incoming minutes free i have cut my minutes by about 25%. Wrong numbers and quick calls eat up fast when rounded off to the next minute. Especially those quick calls where I am at work, church, or fiddling with my son, etc... Where I pick up the phone and say "Can I call you back? Okay <click>". And the bulk of my calling is from the PCS 2 PCS which accounts for usually about 2000+ minutes a month! (most of my friends and eveyone in my family has Sprint)

    ANd NO, I have yet to find the culprit app for the BT issue. still reloading everything back app-by-app... Slowly. But 8-9 apps later and the HBH660 still working as it should! Thanks for caring!

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    techPrincesse, you talk too much on the phone. 1000 minutes? You need to cut down Btw, did you find your culprit app?

    Sprint PCS user since 1999

    Palm IIIC -> Palm M100 -> Treo 300 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 755P
    Do I count as a Palm addict if I still have my original Palm IIIC?
    Praise is what I do...
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