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    Are there any good Canadian AvantoGo channels? I have been looking around avantgo but can't seem to find much from Canada.
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    I know what you mean...

    There's the CBC channel...

    Then i did some snooping around Infospace and found these channels...

    Canadian Hockey Channel:
    Set it up with 50K and you have to have 'follow of site links' enabled to get the rest of the story.

    Canadian Sports News:
    Same conditions apply as above.

    Canadian National News:
    Same conditions again.

    I'm assuming you know how to set up your own AvantGo channels. If you don't let me know.
    Infospace also has canadian channels on Business (which you'll get from CBC anyways), Curling, Agriculture, Financial, etc. You can find those pages by going to this site:

    and then scrolling to the bottom. You'll find a listing of Canadian news. Follow those links and use the URL's to set up your AvantGo pages. You'll have to enable 'off-site' pages for each channel you create as it appears that the actual news story is not on the Infospace site.

    IF you set up a webpage, you can choose to have a bunch of different canadian news (sports, business, etc.) and Candian weather in the weather section. Then when you sync to the Yahoo avantgo channel, you'll get all the info on your visor (to get the canadian news, make sure you set up your yahoo page so that the canadian news is placed at the top of all your news selections).

    As you can see i've done some extensive work to get Canadian news on my visor. Mainly because I don't hear much about back home on local television and the only source is the internet. By putting it on my Visor, I can read about everything going on up there before i go to sleep everynight!

    Hope this helps. I'll let you know if i find more.

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