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    I am using Agendus 9 Pro on T650 since I have been a loyal customer for years now. However, many times it crashes at the time of hot syncing (backing up) ActName (but not all the time) to the desktop from T650.

    Not sure what's causing the issue but if this is my own issue (due to foreign language usage in contacts?) or if this is already known issue.

    I really dont need ActName part of the Agendus. I only use it for Scheduling and Weekly, Daily List View but unfortunately, there is no way to just uninstall ActName or the E-mail part.

    Any insights? Thanks!
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    My Agendus issues were not sync related, but the following may help.

    You can delete the mail component, but there are several "jet" files as well as prefs installed by that ^%$& installer package. I'm on a 600/GSM, but was where you are now re Agendus hassles. Studied posts in the Iambic forums. Did a backup to save my data files. Did a hard reset. Used this "clean" file to install (found in Iambic's forums)
    . . .
    This installs ONLY the base app itself, without the extraneous stuff, which sounds like what you want.

    Went into Agendus and set its prefs to disable alarms, cause they're notorious for causing resets. If Agendus ToDo alarms are essential to you, keep the alarms and see how it works. If you do find you're only reset-free with the alarms turned off, find a substitute to handle that aspect. I use MemoPlus, but I have no clue if it's T650 friendly.

    Ive had no resets since I went through the described process, so while it was a pain to reinstall apps one-by-one, it was surely worth it, for the long-term peace. I had a current BackUpMan backup, but feared the system prefs file would just get polluted all over again. After I got in all the apps I cared about post hard reset, I saved a backup/"base", so I nevah! have to go through this again... I have an illness re "trial apps". )

    P.S. "ActNames" = the original name of the app. So you do need that to get the "Agendus" core functionality. It's the bleepin mail and all its associated crapploa that's driving folks nuts.
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    Thanks for the tip. I removed the e-mail component.. I will see if this will resolve the horrible reset issue! thanks bunch!

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