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    i have a treo 650 sprint version and use versamail. i just followed the steps on palm's website to reset my versamail due to device resetting issues, but this issue still occurs.

    essentially, if i forward an email to someone from "john doe", when the recipient receives the message and clicks on reply, the reply message is going to "john doe" and not me. i just tried this with myself and it's very strange.

    if anyone has had this issue, and was able to resolve it, please let me know. i'm starting to wonder if this "free" email application is even worth the headaches.

    thanks for any assistance.
    Cingular Blue
    Treo 650 (now unlocked)
    Firmware: 1.05
    Current Software: Treo650-1.04-CNB
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    Your JohnDoe has an alternative email address set, which includes a reply-to header in the original email sent to you. When you reply, a bug I believe is causing the original reply-to to be kept in your reply. Hence when you reply the reply to address is to John Doe and not yourself.

    Besides waiting for a fix from P1, you could try ( don't know if it works ) setting your own alternate reply-to address in VersaMail. It may work, may not. Do this by going to menu, Options, Preferences, Reply Options, Reply To Address with:

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