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    I've been reading a lot about people converting DVDs but I've been taking a lot of shows off of my DVR box using Virtual DVHS software so I can watch them on my laptop when I travel. It would be great if I could watch these on my Treo. Does anyone know of software to convert .m2t files into a Treo friendly format? Thanks!
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    Is it the same as TiVo 2 ?
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    I'm not sure what format Tivo 2 saves video files in, but do you have a tool to convert that video, maybe the same software works! Thanks!
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    Any update on this subject?
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    I don't think that the Comcast DVR has a way to move tv shows from the unit to a PC or MAC
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    the first posting says he could
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    If he can, I too want to know how. The single tuner Motorola DVR they gave me has lots of interfaces but most outputs have been disabled.
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    I'm right there with you. I have a dual tuner Motorola with Comcast, I would love to know how to get the shows to the pc. Hey Ijay, can you pm me with the details, or maybe give us a link.

    As far as converting I wouldn't be one to give you an answer on that, never heard of a .m2t file before.
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    Yes, hook me up too. I didn't think it could be done.
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    Pretty easy on the Mac and it comes with all the software you need Just use a firewire cable and hook it to the Motorola and record. I like to use iRecord software though. I know it can be done on the PC too. Just do a google search or head over to and do a search. I have the Motorola 6412.
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    Thanks for the links. Sounds like a good project for this weekend.
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    I admit I know nothing about the .m2t file format, but a google search found this forum link. HTH
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    well how does hooking up the cable and recording work?

    I would wish for some sort of downloading the file for your saved shows......

    And automation would be a dream,

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