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    At my company Im trying to get a Treo600 to perform a network Hotsync. I have one treo600 that this feature doesn't work. I have 2 other Treo600's that do work with Network Hotsync. All 3 Treos have cingular as the profider.

    Things different with Treo600 that wont Hotsync.
    1. User is on a different floor so connected to a different network switch and closet.
    2. Treo600 had older firmware and was upgraded to Treo600-1.12-INT (was orginally purchased as T-mobile with no sim card, however other phone that does network hotsync is T-mobile also with no sim card, both are cingular).

    Could it be the ports are blocked on the switch? Or its timing out on trying to connect?

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    I just changed the IP Address of the PC since I found it was a hidden IP to the outside. However it still doesnt hotsync and when the network hotsync fails the handheld remembers the old IP address. Any DB file I can delete on the handheld so it forgets the old IP information under the netowrk hotsync?

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